Recently, I tried to sign up with Taskrabbit. My goal was to become a “Tasker” and offer Usability Testing, Data Entry and Research to people who need those services. Everything seemed on track as I followed the registration process. There was a progress bar as I went through the pages, clear visibility of status and navigation… at least until I got to the “Add Your Rates & Skills” page. I looked through the choices offered and I couldn't find anything related to the three services I was interested in offering.


My first instinct was to look for a search bar, but there wasn’t one. Then I did some digging thinking maybe Data Entry was buried under Personal Assistant, but the examples that were given were:

I do not know Taskrabbit well enough to know if I should “assume” this is where Data Entry belongs.

I did some research via Google searches and found a Taskrabbit Services Offered page that listed all the services provided in haphazard way — it too had no search bar. And while it listed lots of different services, it had no mention of the three areas I was interested in pursuing. (It also lacks any description that this the Services page.)

I spent the next ½ hour researching on the web and within the Taskrabbit website and Help page on how I might work around or solve the problem. The closest I found was that perhaps it was a regional issue because anytime I found Data Entry it was associated with Location. Here is a sample breadcrumb trail:

Home > Locations > SF Bay Area > Data Entry

When I was on the Data Entry page, it only had navigation for users seeking the service, not providing the service. My only thought was that maybe Taskrabbit does not need anymore people in these roles in the SF Bay Area? But how am I to know?Whatever the reason, at this point I am turning away from Taskrabbit with a few hours of my day spent trying to solve a major usability issue.

My quick observations on this experience and how to improve their website are:

Add a Search Bar on pages that list their Services.

Provide a master list of all Services Provided and within each one, offer two routes: 1) Seeking the Service and 2) Offering the Service.

Keep consistent breadcrumbs so the user knows what page they are on.